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Winter Training

RCR Winter Training Program

December 2023 thru March 2024

Our team offers multiple ways to gain fitness,  stay healthy over the winter, and have fun - let's be ready to row in the spring!

Join RCR's Winter Training program!  The men's and women's group program is open to club members and others who share similar fitness goals.  Our Winter Training is a comprehensive strength and aerobic training program including the following 4 components:

  • Erging with Live2Row: Get a discount when you register/pay through RCR by contacting RCR's Winter Training Live2Row Cooridnator Janet
  • Strength training with Coach Angela - details coming soon.
  • Pilates for Rowers with rower Elissa diCarlo ($15/session): Email Elissa to register and pay her directly.
  • Winter Walks (free!) with rowers.  Explore local sites with rowers and friends. Email to get on the Winter Walk email list.

RCR's 2023-2024 Winter Training with Live2Row

RCR has partnered again with Live2Row for winter training to boost indoor and on the water performance.  Live2Row co-founder coaches Stephen Pryor and Justin Knust deliver real time feedback based on both visual monitoring of rower posture and technique on the erg and their erg monitor data which is connected via bluetooth on the Erg Zone application.  Live2Row’s training principles include low stroke rate/high intensity power (watts). Stephen and Justin each hold USRowing Level III Coach certification.

  • Requirements
    • An erg
    • Internet access to live-streaming
    • A PM5 monitor from Concept 2 will enhance the rower experience
  • Fee: $115 per month per rower, payable to Rock Creek Rowing

Our team will participate in the second half of Live2Row’s power and endurance camp, beginning Monday, December 4, 2023, with a Saturday, December 2nd 11:00 AM orientation session.  The camp features three live coached sessions - with multiple times to participate- and two optional on-your-own workouts, and is designed to foster endurance and power while improving technique.  The camp builds a strong foundation from which you can continue to improve your sprint- and distance- racing skills in the subsequent January and March 2024 camps. 

Our camp membership also includes access to all of Live2Row’s regular thirty+ class sessions offered throughout the week and to a 45-minute monthly check-in.   The individual check-ins are useful for setting personalized goals and refining problem areas of your stroke. 

The Live2Row coaches, Justin Knust and Stephen Pryor, will hold a one-hour orientation session on Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 11:00 AM for RCR rowers who have registered to participate in the winter training session.  The coaches will discuss the use of the ergzone application during training and they will set individual SPI rates that are used to gauge individual performance targets. The SPI rates are updated at the beginning of each camp.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION DEADLINES: RCR will register as a team with Live2Row to obtain a group discount of $115.00 per month per rower.  To start the registration process, please email Janet indicating your intent to participate in the December training camp by Tuesday, November 21, 2023.  Janet will forward the names of all committed rowers to Joe Bracewell, RCR Treasurer, who will then send a bill of $115.00 to you via Sports Engine (or Paypal if you aren’t a current RCR member).  Janet will compile the list of paid participants and send it on a running basis to Live2Row who will then activate your account.  You will receive program information and updates from Live2Row once your account has been activated. Thus, it’s critical that you send your expression of interest to Janet ASAP so that we can get the process rolling!

January and March 2024 camps:  Janet will send out a new deadline for those interested in registering for the January and March camps later in December.  Participating in Live2Row’s camps through to the end of March corresponds to RCR's winter training season. For those who respond, they will be billed for both January and March camps.

Registration Checklist:

1. Sign your US Rowing waiver online. To sign go to and click Individual Login or Join USRowing as either a "basic" (less than $10) or "championship" ($65) member. Follow the instructions to sign your waiver and update your profile information. You may be asked to provide Rock Creek Rowing's club code. If so, it is LEJ9X.   

  • In your USRowing profile, your waiver should have a status of Current.
  • After signing your waiver online, note your USRowing membership number for future reference.
  • US Rowing waivers are valid for 1 year from date of signing.  Please ensure your waiver is valid through the end of Winter Training, through March 2024. 
  • Be aware that USRowing has been using the waiver process to educate people about safety by requiring everyone to answer a few safety questions. Answer them as best you can; however, if you're wrong, you'll still be able to join.

2.   Register for Rock Creek's  Winter Training Live2Row erg program by emailing Janet

We look forward to another successful winter training program!