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Registration, Dues and Fees

Payment Instructions

(members only)


Dues and Rowing Fees for 2020 are $1,250 

(2021 Water Season timing and fee TBD considering Covid safety precautions)

Annual Membership Dues (2020)

·   All members of the club, with the exception of coxswains, are obligated to pay annual, non-refundable membership dues of $275, due by March 31 or upon membership acceptance to RCR.  Annual Membership Dues are not pro-rated for individuals joining the club subsequent to the start of the on-water program. 

Rowing Fees (2020 is same as 2019)

·      The annual rowing fee is $975 per rower for the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.  The $975 fee is payable in full by March 31, or upon membership acceptance.   Coxswains are exempt. 

·        A seasonal  payment option is available to members who utilize the SportsEngine registration system; however, a rower who elects to drop out before the conclusion of the rowing year remains obligated for the entire $975 rowing fee for that year.  Refunds of fees previously paid or waivers as to unpaid fees may be granted at the discretion of the Executive Board for extenuating circumstances such as injury, or a job change resulting in relocation, which makes continued participation impossible, etc.

·         Opportunities for mid-year entry or seasonal rowing may be limited.  A rower who, in the sole discretion of the Executive Board (in consultation with the captains and coaches), is granted mid-year or seasonal entry into the program shall pay, in addition to the $275 membership dues, a fee of $325 for the season in which he/she enters and $325 per season for any subsequent season in that calendar year. 


Coronavirus update, March 2020:  In the spring RCR usually collects the membership fee, seasonal rowing program fee, and contributions towards the cox fund.  Due to the worldwide coronavirus, if you prefer you may pay only the $275 membership fee now to cover our fixed costs and pay the remainder at a later time.  Those rowers who do pay in full now are entitled to a refund if we end up pro-rating program fees.


Coxswain Fund

We value our courageous coxswains who get up before dawn for the pleasure of bossing rowers around.  Contributions to the Coxswain Fund are optional and are collected during March registration.  We estimate the cost of paying coxswains works out to $150 per rower for the year and this is our recommended minimum.    If you are willing and able to contribute more to the fund then that will help us meet this critical need for the club without a potential increase in dues.

  • The Board authorizes regular payments to coxswains from the fund.  If the fund is depleted, further contributions are requested from RCR team members.

Regatta Fees

·         Rowers participating in regattas are required to pay individual regatta fees  to cover the costs of entry and related expenses such as trailering and/or equipment rental.  Rowers are responsible for their own travel costs in connection with out-of-town events.  Fees in 2019 for each regatta ranged from $20 to $50 per race for each rower for most regattas, with out of town regattas costing significantly more if travel/lodging expenses for coaches/coxswains is involved..

Winter Training Fee (2020-2021)

·         Participation in winter training is optional but encouraged.  The  Winter 2020-2021  fee for coached Zoom workouts is $105/month.  Participation in Rock Creek's winter training does not guarantee membership for on-the-water practices or racing, but sure gets you in better shape to start the spring rowing season.

Covid changes everything and RCR is responding with a safe winter workout plan.  Instead of our usual  winter conditioning program together at Georgetown University’s Yates Field House, for the 2020-2021 winter we have workouts coached via zoom using an erg if you have one, your own body weight and other weights - even if they are homemade from jugs, books, etc.


·         Special situations not addressed above are to be resolved in the discretion of the Executive Board.   Contact the Treasurer if you have questions.

·         All participants in the club’s rowing activities, including winter training, are required to sign the USRowing waiver form. 

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