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C&O Canal National Historical Park - gorgeous 184 mile canal parallel to the Potomac River

Coxing?  Whether you are new or experienced, a rower who is cheerfully Cox-For-A-Day or are a Real Coxswain, here's some useful information:   Potomac River upper and lower course map with  traffic pattern guidance on Virginia/DC bridge arches and rocks/sunken debris from Fletcher's cove to National Airport,  NK cox box instructions, NK speed coach instructions, Des's Coxing for Dummies...uh Rowers, classic Cox Guide, Coaching The Cox blog, Rock Creek/Thompson Boat Center coxswain tips, and vocabulary.

Georgetown Waterfront Park - a perfect place to watch rowing, the signature sport of the Potomac River

MEDIA - articles/photos/videos about or including Rock Creek Rowing and RCR masters rowers:

  • Health/Lifestyle:  Graying rowers meet the dawn on the PotomacMetro front page, Washington Post, 4/19/2012.
  • Art:  Hear RCR oarlocks on the Potomac River in this artistic video at about 2:20 and 3:10 and finally see us at about 4:40.  A microphone is hidden in each screen shot in the video but it's not always obvious where the microphone is so it's a matter of perspective.  Produced by DC Listening Lounge, 2011.
  • Centerfold:  Rowing News magazine featured RCR masters men in a full 2 page photo rowing in front of the Lincoln Memorial at dawn in 2010.
  • Health:  Masters rowing helps senior adults maintain healthy bones and muscles.  This CNN video also emphasizes that stretching before and after exercise prevents injury and that it's never too late to start exercising.  Reported by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN, 2009.
  • Health/Lifestyle:  For eight middle-aged women, competitive rowing changed their lives.  "Pulling Together", by Lisa Braun-Kenigsberg, Bethesda magazine,  2008.
  • Health/Lifestyle:  Masters men rowers strive for harmony and swing.  "Zen and the Art of Rowing", by John Mulligan, Washingtonian magazine, 2007.

National Park Service project for a Non-motorized Boathouse Zone along the Georgetown waterfront.  Study area includes 1200 feet of waterfront around Key Bridge.  Any additional boathouses constructed there for universities or others teams would alleviate crowding at TBC.

  • NPS documents including newsletters, maps and powerpoints presented at meetings
  • Responses to and summaries of NPS efforts

Oar spotter - identify what team has what blade design

Regatta Central

Ronin Racing



Songs, limericks, and haiku for those obsessed with rowing

The Boat Race - Oxford vs. Cambridge, annually in April, over 4 miles.  Video shows shells starting at 47 strokes per minute and settling at 37 spm.

Thompson Boat Center - the National Park Service's public boathouse on the Potomac River in Washington DC.  The Boathouse Finder has labeled the boathouse we launch from as a Mega Boathouse!

Tools - when you need it, you really need it and it's great to have your own.  We row boats using both English and Metric rigging so you might as well outfit yourself with both sizes.  These rowing tools are also available from multiple other sources. 

     Spacer tool to simply change a spacer on an oarlock and save your fingers

     Wrench (English) combo fits every English nut, great for cox and rower on the water

     Wrench (English) 7/16 ratchet for rigging

     Wrench (Metric) combo fits every Metric nut, great for cox and rower on the water 

     Wrench (Metric) 10 mm ratchet for rigging

US Rowing

Val's Crazy Shorts

Vocabulary - coxswain terms, rowing shell/boat terminology, parts of a boat/equipment


     RCR member athletes sign 2 waivers online:

    1.  US Rowing waiver online - RCR member athletes enter RCR roster code LEJ9X
    2.  Ronin wavier online -  RCR members sign your waiver or check on the status of your waiver


     Trying out and being evaluated by an RCR coach?  Sign just 1 waiver:

     1.  US Rowing paper waiver - download, print & sign pdf for RCR rowing evaluation


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